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"My Grandmother's Face." The Fabulist. June 2022. 

"The Wolf of West Cove." 300 Days of Sun, Volume 2, Issue 3. Spring 2022. (Print) 

"Gold Rush." Spider Road Press. 2021. 

  • Finalist for the Web Microfiction Prize for Women Writers 

"Book of Bones." Pennsylvania EnglishVolume 42.2, Winter 2021/2022. (Print) 

"Tu me manques." Miracle Monocle, Issue 17, Fall 2021. 

"Machine." Miracle Monocle, Issue 17, Fall 2021. 

"Teratoma." In Parentheses, Volume 7, Issue 2, Fall 2021. (Print) 

"Lobster." decomp journal, Issue 3, October 2021. 

"A Brief History of Illumination." South Florida Poetry Journal, Issue 22, August 2021. 

  • Nominated for The Best Small Fictions  

  • Nominated for Best of the Net 

"The Lost Body​." Marathon Literary Review, Issue 20, July 2021. 

"Volcano." Marathon Literary Review, Issue 20, July 2021. 

"City in a Canoe." Blood Tree Literature, Issue 9, July 2021. 

"Clean." The Roadrunner Review, Issue 8, Summer 2021. 

"Dream Job." Not Deer Magazine, May 2021. 

"Monarch." Sheepshead Review, Volume 43.2, Spring 2021. (Print) 

"The Wailing Woman." Passengers Journal, Volume 2, Issue 5, May 2021. 

"Beautiful Water." The Fourth River, Issue O.10, Spring 2021. 

"Room to Grow." Ab Terra Flash Fiction Magazine, Issue 2, Spring 2021. 

"Driving North." Ursa Literary Review, 2016. (Print) 

"Ten Minutes and Counting." Calliope, Volume 25, 2013. (Print) 

"Little Lies of Love." Calliope, Volume 24, 2012. (Print) 



"City in a Canoe." Blue River Review, Spring/Summer 2022.  


"My Grandmother's Face" 

"Words for a Puppet" 


"Words for a Puppet" 
in Intermissions, an anthology by Grattan Street Press


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Kellene O’Hara has been published in The Fourth River, Marathon Literary Review, South Florida Poetry Journal, and elsewhere. Her story, "Words for a Puppet," has been published in Intermissions, an anthology from Grattan Street Press. Her writing has been nominated for the Best of the Net and the Best Small Fictions.


She has a BA in English (concentration in creative writing) and a BA in World Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics (emphasis in French) from West Virginia University. She has an MA in English (concentration in creative writing) from the University of Maine and an MFA in Creative Writing from The New School.


She was a co-organizer for the Hoboken Writing Group, a free community writing group, at Little City Books. 


She currently teaches writing at the University of Mississippi.



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